Luguelinsantos.comhttp://www.luguelinsantos.comOfficial Website of Luguelin Santosen-usCopyright 2014 Luguelin SantosAR Sport Media Group, manejara la imagen, redes sociales y comunicación de Luguelin,-manejara-la-imagen,-redes-sociales-y-comunicación-de-luguelin.aspxLuguelin Santos wins gold medal at Pan American Games Toronto 2015 Santos won gold medal at "Universidad de Verano" wins Hershey Athetics of Canada Record attempt at Hershey Canadian Indoor Championships, focus on 2015 Panamerican Games,-focus-on-2015-panamerican-games.aspxSantos new national record and LAI Imperials Events finish seventh in the 400m in Zurich finished third in Edmonton Classic race wins gold at the Military Games Santos does his best so far this yearín comes fifth in his debut in Diamond League 2014ín-comes-fifth-in-his-debut-in-diamond-league-2014.aspxSantos does it again at the Jamaica Invitational set a new record in Justas LAIín comes first Spring Break Classicín-comes-first-spring-break-classic.aspxLuguelín wins race in Puerto Rico LAIín-career-win-in-puerto-rico-lai.aspxStartlist day 1 World Championship Indoor Sopot 2014 will head the group of dominican athletes at Sopot 2014 Santos finishes first in the 2nd qualifying LAIín, excited to be chosen for athlete of the year 2013ín,-excited-to-be-chosen-for-athlete-of-the-year-2013.aspx